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By adopting archival analysis method and investigation method, this paper expounds the relationship between “three rights” mortgage and farmers' financing in rural areas, and conducts analysis on behavior choosing of three rights mortgage financing in rural areas. The results show that the farmers has strong need for financing, but the satisfaction level of need is not high; the farmers have many irregular channels of financing and there is a ubiquitous phenomenon of loan being rejected without mortgage; agricultural modernization, industrialization and scaling-up management have strong need for capital. The main problems yet to be solved in the process of carrying out three rights mortgage loan are expounded and corresponding countermeasures are put forward as follows, first, we should solve the problems of mortgage registration as quickly as possible, which is the prerequisite of implementing three rights mortgage loan; second, we should establish smooth evaluation mechanism, which is important condition for promoting three rights mortgage loan; we should solve the difficulties in confirmation of farmers' house as quickly as possible, which is indispensable element of expanding mortgage loan of farmers' house; we should effectively solve the problem of turning an asset into cash and assets disposal, which is the key to expanding ' three rights mortgage financing; we should establish sound forestry factor market, which is me main part of promoting healthy development of forestry right mortgage loan; we should formulate management methods of financing risk compensation fund of rural properly rights and adopt rational measures to reduce taxation, which is the main approach to quicken offering of ' three rights mortgage loan.


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