The relationship between urban-rural integration and regional economic integration is summarized in the paper. Based on the fact, it expressed the necessity and realistic meaning of pushing forward the urban-rural integration process synchronously during Jiuquan-jia yuguan (abbreviate: Jiu-jia ) areas economic integration. The current degree of the urban-rural integration of Jiu-jia was analyzed by index calculation, and the related conclusions were obtained. Besides, me development concepts and the key works to accelerate the process of Jiu-jia urban-rural integration were suggested. The results show that the overall level of urban-rural integration in Jiuquan and Jiayuguan is higher than the average level of Gansu Province, but the urban-rural economic development and social development lose the balance and the dual structure is prominent. In the end, three developmental patterns for accelerating me developmental process of urban -rural integration are put forward. Firstly, the government should find the key of the current work and coordinate the construction of infrastructure. Secondly, rural economic industrialization should be promoted. Thirdly, the urbanized social management should be promoted.


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