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On the basis of introducing the status quo of land use in Luan County, the existing problems in the process of land use are analyzed as follows. First, the farmland is the majority, the area of garden land and forests is small and the farmland quality degenerates; second, the scale of construction use land is large, but me intensification level is low; third, reserve resources are scanty and the pressure of protecting farmland mounts. This paper discusses the orientation of Luan County in provincial and municipal land use strategy and geographical conditions of Luan County, analyzes the future development status of Luan County, and proposes that we should take guaranteeing land use strategy realization of Hebei Province and Tangshan City as important condition of land use strategy selection of Luan County. It points out that we should implement land use strategy of Luan County from the following aspects: first, strictly protect farmland, especially the basic farmland; second, focus on economic development and adopt intensive and high-efficiency land use pattern; third, pay equal attention to ecological protection and construction, and adopt many means to improve ecological environment.


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