Based on SWOT analysis method, this paper conducts analysis on the industrial development environment of double-low rapeseed in Hubei Province from the following four aspects, in order to crystallize its resources advantage and disadvantage and make it how the opportunities and challenges that it is faced by. First, advantage analysis: excellent geographic conditions, vigorous government support, powerful scientific research force, sound industrial system support; second, disadvantage analysis, poor quality, low-level fine and deep processing, scant publicity and promotion, lagged infrastructure conditions, shortage of effective market access mechanism and sound industry regulation, no brand effect; opportunity analysis, the opportunities brought by low-carbon economy, the opportunities brought by consumers' preference, the opportunities brought by policy environment, the opportunities brought by establishment of strategic union; threat analysis: fierce external competition, continuous decline of comparative benefit. The results of research show that in order to promote industrial development of double-low rapeseed in Hubei Province, we should implement brand effect strategy, quality management strategy and strategy of deepening industrial system, give full play to existing geographic advantage and other advantages, grasp scarce opportunities and actively confront challenges.


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