NASYP is an online Geoportal tool being developed in cooperation with state and regional authorities to improve insufficient practices based on implementation of Directive nr. 2003/105/ES on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances. The tool is applicable for managing the permits, reporting and regular monitoring issues. Furthermore, it’s applicable for a risk assessment and a rapid management of disasters in the initial phase. There’re simple modeling tools included to simulate early stages of the contamination caused by disasters occurred to be used for decision making and effective use of emergency services. In this manner, there’re low atmospheric and surface water pollutions taken into account. For the study area, Liberec region was chosen covering the area of 3,163km2 and containing 533 potentially dangerous objects categorized accordingly to the Directive nr. 2003/105/ES. The model simulations are responding to daily hydrological and meteorological situation, a capability of automated updates from databases operated by the Czech Hydro Meteorological Institute, and communicate with databases of substances operated by the regional authorities. NASYP is suitable especially for the “N” class of the operators defined in the Directive, where because of smaller amounts of stored dangerous substances the safety measures and regular inspections are limited.


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