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In a new budgetary framework for years 2014-2020, changes will be made in expenditures of financial means from the EU budget, which will significantly influence incomes of agricultural producers in all member states of the Community. Incomes of agricultural enterprises always represented a very sensitive area of economic-political approaches in the agrarian sector. At the present, the situation is the same. In a theoretical sphere and in practice of institutions, ways to monitor incomes of agricultural farms, to analyze them, and what measures on base of these analyses to realize, are searched. The submitted paper deals in this context with a question of incomes according to their origin – agricultural incomes, incomes from non-agricultural activities, subsidy means. The aim is to draw attention to the fact that the subsidiary policy towards farmers can not be base in the area of incomes only on development and height of incomes, which have their origin in agricultural activities, but that it is necessary to consider the general income situation. A special attention has to be paid than to non-agricultural incomes – which are in the attention center in connection with demanding activity diversification. Knowledge presented in this paper is the result of grant solution MSM 6046070906 “Economics of Czech agriculture resources and their efficient usage within the framework of multifunctional agri-food systems".


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