Using Isolates Endophytic Trichoderma spp., for the Panamá disease biocontrol (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense) race 1 in Gros Michel (AAA) cropper of banana vitro-plants with greenhouse conditions

The objective of this research was to select isolates of endophytic fungi of Trichoderma spp., for the biocontrol of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 1. We evaluated the three most pathogenic isolates FOC2, FOC4, FOC8 cryobank obtained from the Laboratory of Plant Pathology and Nematology at CATIE, in a test of antibiosis and then proceeded to test twenty biocontrol isolates of Trichoderma spp., and two isolates FOC4 and FOC2 in vitroplants of banana Gros Michel (AAA) under greenhouse conditions. Through the Coculture technique twenty endophytic fungi inhibited radial growth of Foc up to 53, 46% in comparison with reference control. In the bioassay of Biocontrol, most treatments showed the first symptoms after the third week. Protected plants with endophytic fungi delayed the appereance of the disease until the fourth week. The results showed that endophytic fungi showed a small percentage of incidence being the TJ5 who excelled with the lowest percentage of 37,5%, without showing any symptoms absolute control. Also TC9 endophytic fungi, TP3 and TCL1 reduced from 92% to 90% external symptoms, compared to reference control. Corm internal symptoms were reduced to74% by the endophytic fungus TC9. Additionally it was found that protected plants endophytic fungi in promoting growth in the variables of foliage weight and root weight.

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Uso de aislamientos endofíticos de Trichoderma spp., para el biocontrol del Mal de Panamá (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense) raza 1 en vitroplantas de banano del cultivar Gros Michel (AAA) en condiciones de invernadero
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Sep 29 2011
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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This paper was submitted on the first national congress of Sustainable Agriculture: Today and future life towards climate change, 25-26 August 2011,UNA Nicaragua.
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Working Paper

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