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Biological control programs have been mounted in some region(s) of the world against 13 of the 16 dossier pests and substantial or partial success has been achieved in one or more countries for 8. On the basis of available information there are good to excellent prospects for reducing, in at least some parts of the region, the damage caused by the following: Leucinodes orbonalis , Nezara viridula , Ophiomyia phaseoli and Planococcus citri . There are also good reasons for believing that there will prove to be valuable natural enemies for the following: Agrius convolvuli, Anomis flava , Aphis craccivora , Aphis gossypii , Diaphorina citri , Dysmicoccus brevipes , Hypothenemus hampei , Phyllocnistis citrella and Trichoplusia ni . There seems to be little prospect for classical biological control of Dysdercus cingulatus, too little is known about Deanolis sublimbalis and the prospects for control of Cosmopolites sordidus are unclear, although its lack of pest status in Myanmar is puzzling.


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