At present companies are trying hard to reduce productive assets by reducing general expenses and increasing flexibility toward what they call “lean production”. For this reason they are hiring specialized companies under long term agreements in order to supply parts, operations, and services, with quality responsibility, integrating them into their production line with their own workers. Worldwide, a new phenomenon has occurred where technology has taken over a great deal of the company's performance through simplified processes. After which there has been the need to implement an integration phase, and finally there is a tendency towards optimization. Agribusiness is part of this new tendency. “Tercerización” is more known for its English term “outsourcing”. Nevertheless, “tercerización” is becoming a more and more familiar term. This is good for the Spanish Language as foreign expressions should be avoided. Currently this technique is applied in big agricultural and agribusiness corporations, however during research, it was determined that other companies, such as accounting offices, service companies, and food-analysis labs, are using something similar to what has been described.


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