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The profitability of production of pejelagarto (Atractosteus tropicus) was evaluated in two types of cultivation, in captivity conditions and in captivity conditions in association with the Mojarra Castarrica and Tilapia at the Aquaculture Production Cooperative Society "El Pejelagarto", located in Sabancuy, municipality of Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. For this purpose, the records of 10 years ago were used to calculate the following indicators of economic evaluation for the first mode of cultivation: Net Present Value (NPV), Benefit-Cost Ratio (B / C), Net Benefit-Investment (K / N) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The results obtained for this period were: NPV = 119,825.00, B / C = 1.08, N / K = 1.88 and IRR = 25.6%. The indicators for cultivation in association were NPV = 629.254, B / C = 1.43, N / K = IRR = 10.15 and 145.0%. Based on the results of the indicators, it is concluded that the project is feasible in its two forms of cultivation, from the economic point of view thus, the breeding, production and marketing of pejelagarto, has a great business opportunity, because of being species with demand, both within and outside of the region, for their rusticity in breeding as well as being considered an exotic dish.


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