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The developmental status of the Three Gorges Reservoir in the post-migration era is expounded. Firstly, the positioning of ecological reservoir is incompatible with its development; secondly, the adopting the market selection and government-directed migration mode; thirdly, the tough task in the post-migration era; fourthly, the prevention of geological disasters and environmental management. After the analyses, the adoptable approaches for developing the Three Gorges Reservoir are concluded. The approaches cover supporting migrants and trying to stabilize and enrich them; supporting the development of industries around the reservoir; intensifying the construction of ecological environment in the reservoir ; and strengthening the support of central fiscal policies. The policies and suggestions on developing the Three Gorges Reservoir from the perspective of fiscal policies are put forward. Firstly, they include the fiscal and tax measures on prompting ecological migration and stabilizing and enriching migrants. The specific measures include the fiscal and tax measures on promoting the employment of migrants; measures on providing social security for migrants; fiscal subsidies and preferential policies and increasing the input on solving the problems left after reconstruction. Secondly, they are the fiscal and tax measures for promoting the industrial development in the reservoir. The specific contents include displaying the functions of industrial fund to optimize the industrial structure of the reservoir; providing preferential policies on taxes to attract capitals and intensifying the strength of local finance.


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