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Based on the eco-economy theory, this paper analyzed the characteristics of the components of eco-economic compound System of karst region in Guizhou province. The functional characteristics of eco-economic compound system of karst region in Guizhou province were analyzed. The functional characteristics were as follows: low biological production of Guizhou province; weak capacity of ecosystem; slow speed of storage and accumulation of material and serious environmental pollution; low production and efficiency of energy; serious wastes of energy On the basis of functional characteristics of eco-economic compound System in Karst region , some views in terms of maintenance and reconstruction of compound system, were put forward, including laying stress on improving ecological system; choosing and cultivating the advanced species that suit the Karst region; improving the amount and speed of material accumulation, at the same time, introducing into advanced production technologies and management experience; reducing the energy efficiency of each section in economic system and improving the transformation efficiency of energy.


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