Taking Luochuan County of Shaanxi Province as an example ,the factors that affect farmers’ behaviors on participating in insurance is analyzed and evaluated according to the questionnaires and by selecting the indexes covering household features, agricultural production risks, the attitudes of rural households towards risks and the transaction cost of participating insurance and by using Logistic regression model. The results show that comparing with insurance company, the government has larger influence on farmers’ behaviors on participating insurance; the premium of agricultural insurance does not obstruct farmers’ participation in insurance; the bad-handled relations between the government and insurance company have bad effects on the development of local agricultural insurance. In order to promote farmers to participate in agricultural insurance, the relevant countermeasures are put forward: firstly, increasing the investment on rural education and improving cultural level of farmers; secondly, intensifying the promotion on agricultural insurance; thirdly, reasonably planning the duties and rights of the government and the insurance company; fourthly, vigorously encouraging the farmers to conduct scale production of apple and form the scale economy.


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