In 1995, 2,434 ornamental horticulture and turfgrass businesses in South Carolina were surveyed to determine the employment, sales and expenditures generated by the state’s ornamental horticulture and turfgrass industry. Questionnaires were returned by 480 businesses (19.9 %); 431 (17.7 %) responses provided complete employment data and 397 (16.3 %) provided complete sales and expenditure information. Survey results indicate that industry sales vary significantly depending on the business type, market outlet and product lines carried. Total sales in 1994 were $726 million. Landscapers generated $224 million, Building Supply/Garden Centers $191 million, Growers $167 million, General Merchandise Stores $85 million, Grocery Stores $33 million, and Florists $27 million. Although South Carolina firms sold to retail and wholesale customers inside and outside of the state, over 50 percent of total sales were to state businesses and residents. The sale of trees, shrubs, plants and turf ($205 million) contributed the largest share to total industry sales. This was followed by landscaping services ($156 million) and sale of tools ($105 million) and chemicals ($88 million). The initial contribution of the state’s ornamental horticulture and turfgrass industry was estimated to be 18,478 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs and $255,134,300 in income. Using the IMPLAN input-output model for South Carolina, the total (initial plus indirect and induced) employment and income were estimated to be 28,727 FTE jobs and $537,280,000 in income. Income and employment multipliers for the ornamental horticulture and turfgrass firms were estimated to be 2.10 for income and 1.59 for employment. Thus, for every dollar of income generated and every job created by South Carolina firms, an additional $1.10 and .59 jobs are created throughout the state's economy.


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