The study concerned the achievements of five objectives. (1) The trend of the working power density in Egyptian Agriculture over the last decade; (2)Impacts of iberalization of livestock from farming operations, due to substitution for mechanization; (3) Effects of working power sources on major crops productivity; (4) Economic efficiency of physical technology versus biological technology in crop production; (5) Impacts of mechanization on employment rate in agriculture. To accomplish the given objectives a sample survey was conducted in 1987, which included the conventional farmers who have the same cropping pattern of the four major crops (wheat, Maize, Rice and cotton). Two villages from two regions were selected. The first region with agricultural mechanization station and the other one is far from such facilities. The sample was from Sharkia governorate. It is one of the major agricultural zones in Egypt, where the Zagazig University is providing its service. The farms within villages were selected to reflect proportionally the farm size classes. The total sample was 140 farms.


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