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The technological and economic development at the beginning of the century started to disrupt that pattern but the real revolution took place after the Second World War. During the past 20 years, the pace of change in agriculture accelerated and this trend will probably continue to accelerate during the seventies. One of the results of this revolution is a tremendous need for capital which cannot be generated internally by the farm business. Therefore, farmers have to rely more and more on credit. In Canada, the principle provider of long-term funds for the farmer is a crown agency, the Farm Credit Corporation. The important changes we saw in the past year are not heading toward a stop or a pause. On the contrary, the acceleration of the last years seem to continue. Consequently, we could forecast an increase in borrowing capital by 1981 because it will be more difficult for a family to generate the capital needed to finance a farm enterprise. This assumes that the family farm will still be the predominant type of farm.


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