The increase of the rate of growth in the underdeveloped areas of the world bears today outstanding interest for both developed and underdeveloped nations. For developed societies, if only for an interest in the maintenance abroad of a leadership position, there are the needs for protection of the national investments overseas, for assurance of raw materials that may be needed, or for reflecting the increasing concern with development underway among underdeveloped nations. In the underdeveloped countries in general, where today about two thirds of the world population live, there is a widespread awareness that their economies are not keeping pace with the more developed nations, a great desire to speed up the growth of the various sectors of the national live is present. The people have become impatient because their expectations have not been realized as quickly as they would like, and eventually, conflicts among the politicians, intellectuals or those in power positions about the proper means to achieve higher rates of growth, allies with the pressures for improved levels of living, have prejudiced the tranquility of the society and hence of development itself. Economic growth is a felt need among the people in these countries, which, evidently is an indispensable condition for increased activity of the national economies. Research on development is thus in great demand. Perhaps even in more demand are people capable of applying the results of the research.


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