The primary purpose of this paper was to provide potential Michigan growers with information on major trends and markets of the U.S. hazelnut industry. Another objective was to explore certain important factors. apparent challenges and possible opportunities for a potential Michigan hazelnut industry. In respect to the first goal, this paper analyzed major production and market trends for the Oregon hazelnut industry, which constitutes almost all of the U.S. hazelnut crop, and explored some inferences about future trends in this industry. Towards the second goal, some aspects were analyzed based on the best available, but rather fragmentary information from initial trials of hazelnut varieties suited to Michigan conditions and small initial onfarm plantings. The role of a strategic marketing plan and marketing organizations are included in the analysis as they seem to have been influential in the development of the established Oregon hazelnut industry and can be important if a hazelnut industry develops in Michigan. Since experience with Michigan hazelnut production up to now is very limited. additional information and in-depth studies regarding technical and economic aspects are needed to provide more comprehensive information on economic potential of a commercial hazelnut industry in Michigan. One area that needs additional data and analysis is that of costs and returns analysis for Michigan grown hazelnuts.


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