The present works is part of my doctoral dissertation for getting title of Doctor of Philosophy with major in Science and Specialization in the Economics of Agriculture and Local Development. The research hypothesis was: “If agricultural and forest activities apply agricultural economics, then it highlights the important element for sustainable local development, useful for the policy maker and decisions taker”. Therefore, the study makes emphasis in the importance for applying agricultural economics to the forest and agricultural activities. The agricultural economics basic text is an elemental document for the agricultural economics curricular component; it is a component for the agricultural and economic science careers. The academic objective is to bring to students, professionals, and academics a basic document for developing the agricultural economics curricular component and make available the analytic instruments for developing practice exercises and examples of the all pertinent issues. Hence, I pretend highlights the importance of the agricultural economics for sustainable local development and his applicability to the forest and agricultural sector. I offer the methodology for making analysis the sector, the adequate strategies for accomplishment the sustainable rural development. Generally, we find us in the sector forest and agricultural the academic tasks and the researching with the necessary to validate, or to demonstrate the profitability of experiment, or the introduction a new technology, or the building a cost structure for a determinate agricultural item, or the marketing study for a agricultural item, etc., this issues are themes where the agricultural economics have a directory roll in the solution of this alternatives where the policy makers will have to choose. Therefore, the reader will find, in this book, the necessary techniques for contributing to sustainable local development with research that measures the impact for the policy and the measures taken for the local actors.


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