Several aspects of the situation pertaining to the citizens of Freetown, Sierra Leone are described in the first two chapters. The societal and economic contexts of the community are most heavily emphasized, particularly the transfer of rural institutions to the city as well as the small-scale industry and marketing aspects of Freetown's economy. The following four chapters highlight several approaches to development in the Third World. Those described are farming systems research, marketing systems research and development, community development, diffusion of innovation, development education, and management. In the final chapter, the various approaches are synthesized into a conceptual framework. This framework is composed of the following steps: 1) Know yourself, your organization, and your clients; 2) Establish an information base (systems analysis); 3) Identify problems and potential solutions; 4) Formulate a strategy; 5) Implementation; 6) Evaluation; and 7) Terminate and indigenize. The first two steps of this framework are partially applied to the situation in Freetown, but full application of all steps awaits the author's new job assignment in Freetown.


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