Portugal has one of the most backward agricultural sectors in Europe; it is less developed and less dynamic than the other countries negotiating entry into the European Economic Community (EEC), Spain and Greece. Portugal's entry into the EEC is expected on January 1, 1984. EEC entry and the required adoption of the Common Agricultural Policy will require Portugal to eliminate its present agricultural policies and substitute them with the established CAP, and the resultant often higher EEC consumer prices. The general objective of this study is to assess the probable impact of Portuguese entry into the EEC on the importation of U.S. feedgrains and livestock products. The specific objectives of the study are: 1) To describe the current structure of the feedgrain-livestock subsector in Portugal with emphasis on production and consumption for the following commodities: barley, corn, soybeans, beef, pork, poultry meat, eggs, milk, cheese and fresh fish; 2) To project commodity production, consumption and per capita consumption for 1990 using time-trend analysis; and 3) To identify probable adjustments EEC membership will impose on the Portuguese feedgrain-livestock subsector.


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