The Michigan Apple Committee (MAC) is a commodity organization comprised of approximately 1000 apple growers in Michigan. The objective of this study was to evaluate growers' perceptions about the effectiveness of past MAC programs and solicit their opinions about future directions for MAC in order to provide one source of input for Board decisions. In addition, this study provided growers with some information about the broad programmatic areas that are covered under MAC guidelines. In Winter 2003 a mail survey was sent to the entire MAC mailing list (1,123 growers); 282 surveys were returned (25 percent). Overall results of the survey indicate that Michigan apple growers are generally satisfied with the performance of the MAC, but perhaps equally importantly, that many members do not fully understand the function of the MAC. Response to questions about specific programming areas provides more details concerning grower beliefs. Although differences in opinion were generally not identified by grower age or scale of operation, the survey results did highlight some distinct regional differences of opinion within the Michigan apple industry.


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