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The young generation is the most influenced and vulnerable segment of the market. Food with high level of fat, sugar and/or salt are popularised for this segment. At the same time nearly 7 people die of obesity or from complications of obesity in Hungary each hour - one every 9 minutes. Approximately 119 million Americans, or 64.5 percent, of adult Americans are either overweight or obese. 17.5 million obese young persons live in the European Union. The result is the drastic elevation of the hygienic expenses. The average health care cost of overweight persons is higher by 42% than normal bodyweight ones. Per capita spending on fast foods is unbelievable and rising. The value of average spending was 2.5 € in 2002. Fast food sales continue to boom despite warnings about obesity. The consumption of these products can contribute to the increased level of childhood obesity. 12.0% of young person’s visited a fast food restaurant at least with a weekly regularity. The value is 16.9% in case of young men higher than in case of young ladies (8.1%) to our research. We can state the respondents underestimate the costs of fast foods.


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