INTA Chinandega Technology impact on the farm productivity of North Pacific Nicaragua, 2003-2009

Abstract This paper examines total factor productivity growth impact for INTA-Chinandega Technology in 40 farms that account crop rice for a mean portion of the Nicaragua Pacific North. The estimations use data drawn from the Institutional Development Office of Pacific North NLTI and the study cover the period 2003-2009. A nonparametric programming method based on data envelopment analysis is employed to compute Malmquist productivity indexes. These are decomposed into two component measures: technical change (innovation: INTA-CHINANDEGA) and efficiency change (catching up). Moreover, the technical efficiency change calculated under the assumption of constant returns-to-scale technology can be decomposed as pure efficiency and scale efficiency change. The estimations, with panel data, include to Chinandega, Chichigalpa and El Viejo councils. The results showed that INTA Chinandega technology impacted on 5 % the mean change TFP. The cause was by the technical efficiency change more than the INTA Chinandega Technology. The TFP reach a maximum of 13 % inter annual for the El Viejo council.

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Impacto de la tecnología INTA Chinandega en la productividad de las fincas del Pacífico Norte de Nicaragua, 2003-2009
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Jul 17 2011
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Working or Discussion Paper
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D: 24; O: 32; Q: 16.
This article is the first working paper of the Researching Center for Agricultural Sciences and Applied Economic. It is a contribution for the INTA Nicaragua.
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Working Papers

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