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On the basis of expounding farmers’ behaviors on agricultural technology inputs studied by the foreign scholars; relying on the investigation data of 276 rural households in Deyang City, Sichuan Province and by using the Logistic Regression model, the farmers’ behaviors on agricultural technology inputs and the influencing factors on their behaviors are analyzed. The results show the main factors that influence farmers; behaviors on agricultural inputs are whether they have the assistance of agricultural technology personnel; the choices of plantation; non-agricultural income; area of land management; the expectation on land ownership, whether it has township enterprises and the proportion of the non-agricultural labor forces and some other factors. The influencing degree of these factors descends from strong to weak. On the strength of the study results, the countermeasures on increasing local farmers’ inputs on agricultural technology are put forward from the aspects of stabilizing rural land property, establishing scientific land transfer mechanism and intensifying the governmental functions of agro-technical station.


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