Consumer behavior regarding two varieties of fresh peaches was studied in a socioeconomically middle-upper level minimarket. 106 two-phase surveys were conducted. The first part was done through a direct interview when the consumers purchased the fruit; the second when the fruit was consumed. The varietes used were the 'Royal Glory' peach and the 'African Gold' canning peach, chosen because they were so distinct. Descriptive aspects of consumption, sociodemographic traits and purchase attitudes were assessed using multivariate and univariate analyses. A demand characterized by preference to purchase in supermarkets was identified. 25% of all those surveyed were young and distinguished by their inexperience in acquiring fresh peaches. The point of sale was the factor which most determined purchase behavior, followed the variety of peach, with supermarkets and the "African Gold" variety being the most preferred. The willingness to pay for desired attributes had the lowest values.


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