Soil erosion from construction sites can cause sedimentation of nearby water bodies. Mandatory sediment controls can reduce sedimentation. What determines the degree to which sediment controls meet regulatory standards for installation and maintenance? A conditional-multinomial logit model is estimated with data from 85 construction sites that were audited in 2001 or 2005 in Greenville County, SC to determine whether 147 sediment ponds or traps were installed correctly, properly maintained, or both. Sixty two percent of ponds and traps were installed incorrectly, maintained improperly, or both. Costs of clean out negatively affect the probability that a sediment pond or trap is properly maintained. Construction site distance from the county‘s regulatory office and sales of the plan designer‘s firm positively affect the probability that a sediment control is installed incorrectly. Designer firms local to the construction site reduce the probability that sediment controls lack an emergency spillway when required.


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