The paper is aimed analyze the New Citizen Power Model with your dialectic relationship implemented since 2007 for the Reconciliation and National Unit Government (RNUG) as new experience for the links University-Society-State on the context of globalization process and Central American integration. It is Social Projection Direction experience as new innovation knowledge of Relations University-Society-State for evidencing perspective and challenge that universities should be consider them to play an active role in the social Economic transformation process. Furthermore, we examine the universities CNU member productivity and technical efficiency, over the 2001-2009 periods. On the results, we applied the Malmquist Index methodology for measuring the social projection level that those universities CNU member have developed. Universities that evidence a maximal mean growth over productivity are UNA, UPOLI, Unan-Managua, UCATSE-Estelí and Unan-León. Unan León highlight by quick annual growth over technology change that imply your relationship to government social programs and the society.


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