In the long-term the Japanese Government aims to maintain 80 per cent self-sufficiency in beef. Price support programs for feeder-calves are major domestic policy measures designed to encourage domestic beef production in Japan. These price support programs were greatly strengthened during 1977. This paper describes the latest arrangements in detail and reviews the past operation of these programs. The historical background to the feeder-calf price-support policies is also outlined. The link between feeder-calf prices and beef import policies in Japan was clearly demonstrated in 1974. Therefore, the new provisions for guaranteeing the prices of feeder-calves are important in assessing future Japanese beef impart policy. Furthermore, the recent financial strengthening of the feeder-calf price-support programs has been achieved with beef import levy funds collected by the LIPC. Feeder-calf price-support policies in Japan are, therefore, of vital interest to anyone concerned about Japanese beef import policy.


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