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The paper has a detailed literature review in low-carbon economy research of academy circle in our country from three aspects that are conception and connotation of low-carbon economy, necessity and urgency of developing low-carbon economy and path choice of realizing low-carbon economy in our country. Low-carbon economy is the “green economy” that obtains the maximum output by discharging minimum greenhouse gases with the main characteristics of “three low and three high” that are low energy consumption, low pollution, low discharge and high effect, high efficiency, high benefit. To China, developing low-carbon economy is the inevitable choice in realizing peaceful rising and sustainable development as a responsible large country. It conforms to world trends and corresponds to China's actual conditions. Finally, the paper makes a overview of the path choice in realizing low-carbon economy in our country from eight aspects—integral countermeasures and suggestions, technology innovation, consumption pattern innovation, policy innovation, environmental and financial innovation, building low-carbon city, establishing carbon trading market and developing low-carbon agriculture.


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