Based on the judicial explanation of the contractual management right of land, the thesis elaborates the definition of main body of contractual management right of rural land; right of possession, use right, usufruct of contractual management right of land; autonomy of production and operation; disposition of the products; expropriation and occupation compensation authority of contractual land respectively, in order to demonstrate the connotation of land contractual management. The thesis also analyzes perspicaciously the phenomenon of non-agricultural-use land and proclaiming phenomenon of contractual management right of land. We should establish normalized rural land property rights register system to perfect contractual management right of land. Proclaiming of agriculture land right also should adopt registration effectiveness so as to guarantee the legality of transference of agricultural land to non-agricultural land in terms of system. We should perfect rural land circulation in terms of normalizing land circulation laws and normalizing contractual farmers fees: in terms of the movable agricultural land right, we should further perfect the types and content of circulation and lessen non-legal form restrictions of circulation; in terms of contractual fees, we should normalize contractual fees of land in order to preclude the contradiction between the contractees and contractors arising from blank space of laws


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