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Starting from China's macro-economic policy level and combining with the status of foreign trade in China, major problems in the development of foreign trade are analyzed under the background of expanding domestic demand, which is guided by the macro-economy, international finance, international trade and other related disciplines. Problems are mainly the inflation, the reduction of import, the trade protection, the increase in export costs, the reduction of export, the scale shrinkage of foreign trade, the speculation of short-term hot money, and the increase in risk of economic fluctuation. Finally, corresponding countermeasures are put forward, such as actively coping with the appreciation of the RMB, effectively increasing the anti-risk ability of RMB, firmly maintaining the currency stability of RMB, reducing the international trade friction, transforming the growth model of foreign trade, promoting the industrial and products upgrading of foreign trade, enhancing the benefits of foreign trade, forming an effective price competition mechanism, increasing the support in trade, improving the environment for trade development, correctly dealing with the relationship between government and foreign trade enterprise, controlling inflation, and restricting hot money speculation.


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