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On the strength of the status quo of Chinese land transfer, the changes of the county agricultural production factor market arising from land transfer from four aspects covering land market, agricultural capital market, agricultural labor market and agricultural science and technology. The impacts of land transfer on county agricultural industrialized development are analyzed: in the first place, the large amount of land required by the county agricultural scale production can be effective supplied; in the second place, a large number of labors required by the county agricultural industrialized production can be effectively fulfilled; in the third place, the innovation of science and technology provide motivation for adjusting the county agricultural industrial structure. On the basis of that, the countermeasures on promoting the county economic development are put forward: firstly, the land transfer market should be standard to ensure the sustainable and stable development of county agricultural industrialized development; secondly, the commercial value, variations and added value of the county agricultural products should be improved; thirdly, the input on the county agricultural capital should be ensured.


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