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The importance and necessity of implementing the balance system of farmland requisition and compensation are reasoned. The changing path of the balance system of farmland requisition-compensation is overviewed. In addition, the problems exist in the implementation of the balance system of farmland requisition-compensation are analyzed as well, covering the increasing demands on land in the process of economic development; the serious phenomenon of wasting land in urban construction; part of farmlands should be revoked from the perspective of ecological construction and environmental protection, which lead to the shortage of reserved farmlands and it is hard to implement the balance system of farmland requisition-compensation; the problems of “occupying more but compensating less,occupying good land but compensating bad land” are universal; the development and reclamation of farmlands have taken certain threats to ecological environment; the differences of various regions have not been taken into consideration in implementing the balance system of farmland requisition-compensation. Some notes on the developing trend of farmlands requisition-compensation balance system are put forward. The farmlands should be occupied after being compensated first, so as to ensure the dynamic balance of the total amount of farmlands; the government should encourage the improvement of farmlands with mediocre and low output, so as to enhance its production capability; the potential of urban and rural construction land use should be fully developed and the occupation of farmlands should be reduced as few as possible; various aspects should be cooperated to increase the possibility of requisition-compensation among different regions.


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