The Bennimix Food Co. Ltd., established in 1989 is the only food company currently operating in Sierra Leone, a small country of six million people on Africa’s west coast. They produce Bennimix, which is a complementary porridge made of rice, sesame, pigeon pea, and sugar for children ages 6-24 months. Dr. Bahsoon bought a manufacturing facility in Bo, the second largest city that lies 250 km east of Freetown. The firm although badly looted, survived the long and brutal civil war, and now faces the many challenges of competing with imported food aid products and sourcing a consistent supply of raw grain inputs from over 600 small farmers. IFAMR Executive Editor, Peter Goldsmith recently sat down with Dr. Bahsoon in his offices in Freetown and Bo to discuss his experiences in private enterprise over the last 17 years.


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