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Title: Public Policy, Invasive Species and Animal Disease Management
Authors: Sumner, Daniel A.
Bervejillo, Jose E.
Jarvis, Lovell S.
Keywords: Invasive species
Animal disease management
Sanitary barriers to trade
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: There has been a rapid increase in recent years in invasive species and animal management economic research. Expanded interest in the topic has been partially driven by the practical importance of public policy to deal effectively with invasive species, given its public good aspects. This paper shows that the basic criteria of public goods: non-rivalry and non-excludability, apply directly to animal disease border measures and eradication services, with some caveats. It is also argued that public policy should assess disease control and eradication on grounds of biology, national economic interests, and international cooperation. Specific regulations and programs must be evaluated on the basis of cost benefit principles.
Institution/Association: International Food and Agribusiness Management Review>Volume 08, Issue 01, 2005
Total Pages: 20
Language: English
From Page: 78
To Page: 97
Collections:Volume 08, Issue 1, 2005

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