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Governments around the world are betting heavily on biofuels as one part of a solution to a wide range of public policy challenges, from environmental sustainability in t [...]
06 June 2012 | Journal Article |
The provision for the inclusion of socio-economic considerations in domestic regulatory frameworks pertaining to living modified organisms has been established by Article [...]
13 June 2013 | Journal Article |
Compliance with international obligations is the lynch-pin to the sustainability and success of international agreements, treaties and organizations. Without this complia [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |
This article examines three developing countries to identify capacities for innovative science policy: Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines. Using membership in regio [...]
29 November 2012 | Journal Article |
This paper analyzes the current and proposed biosafety systems in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda using a set of components and characteristics common to functional and prote [...]
2006 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The myriad of litigation and class action suits surrounding Syngenta’s Viptera corn covers many issues that have been well addressed in previous litigation and literatu [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |
The UN Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety adopted in Montreal, 29 January, 2000 and opened for signature in Nairobi, 15-26 May, 2000 will exert a profound effect on internat [...]
2000-08 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Several countries have included socio-economic considerations (SECs) into domestic regulatory frameworks for biosafety and approval of genetically modified crops. Numerou [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |
When GM crops were first commercialized, science-based risk assessments and regulations were applied to ensure food (human and animal) and environmental safety. Early ado [...]
2016-12 | Journal Article |