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Reported in this paper are the findings from two discrete choice experiments that were carried out to address the value of a number of farm landscape improvement measures [...]
2006 | Working or Discussion Paper |
At the macro level, the way water resources are managed results in major misallocations as well as quality deterioration. It has become apparent in many cases that curre [...]
1996 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In the twenty-first century, it is evident that world agricultural systems will have to supply sufficient food for a population somewhere between 7.5 and 12 billion. Proj [...]
2001 | Working or Discussion Paper |
India's semi-arid tropical (SAT) region is characterized by seasonally concentrated rainfall, low agricultural productivity, degraded natural resources, and substantial h [...]
2000 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Advances in production, communication and transportation technologies as well as expectations of consumers, taxpayers, business people and rural residents continue to cau [...]
1998 | Report |
The NAFTA increasingly looks like a "one-shot" deal with little of the ongoing deepening of economic relationships expected at the time of its negotiation and no provisio [...]
2002 | Journal Article |
Includes: On the Empirical Finding of a Higher Risk of Poverty in Rural Areas: Is Rural Residence Endogenous to Poverty?:COMMENT, by Thomas A. Hirschl; On the Empirical F [...]
2005-08 | Journal Article |
Over the past year the Soviet agricultural system has been exposed to public scrutiny without the protection of traditional ideology and the selective use of statistics. [...]
1990 | Journal Article |
Upward spikes in international food prices lead some food-surplus countries to raise export barriers and some food-deficit countries to lower their import restrictions on [...]
2015-03 | Journal Article |
The fish landed for domestic consumption suffers from serious post harvest loss due to ignorance and negligence of the people involved in the harvest, distribution, proce [...]
2012 | Journal Article |