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In this paper, the literature on the economics of grain distribution systems is reviewed. The emphasis of this review is on farm to port issues and largely excludes port [...]
1995-04 | Journal Article |
In Canada many changes have been made, and more are pending, to their grain transportation policies. This package of policy changes has two offsetting impacts on freight [...]
1996 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Wheat contamination issues of recent years harmed the reputation and customer trust of U.S. production and threatened U.S. exports. There would appear to be a need for re [...]
25 May 2016 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality Program (CMAQ), established in 1991 by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) to provide about $1 billion per [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In addition to providing funding for our aging transportation infrastructure, congestion pricing can improve traffic flow, safety, and trip reliability. Given these benef [...]
2009-03 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The economies of developed countries have, since 2007, experienced the most significant and persistent period of economic malaise since the 1930s. Domestic economic polic [...]
31 January 2012 | Journal Article |
This paper describes the important changes that occurred in the U.S. grain handling and transportation system in the period following deregulation in 1980. This system h [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
After near eradication in the 20th century, piracy is again imposing significant costs on the conduct of international trade in the 21st century. In response, there has b [...]
20 March 2013 | Journal Article |