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Inefficiencies in freight transportation can seriously affect industry competitiveness in today's globalized marketplace. Trucking is the most important freight mode when [...]
2009-03 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
A total of 2,060 local cooperative associations handled 4.7 billion bushels of grain during the 1982-83 marketing year. This is about 41 percent of all grain sold off-far [...]
1985 | Report |
This research re-examines both transportation allocation and infrastructure capacity problems associated with moving grain from the Western Canada to export position. The [...]
2015 | Journal Article |
Grain transportation is one of the most important economic issues for grain producers in the Northern Plains. The reliance on export markets and the long distances to por [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The grain handling sector in Canada and the United States is vital to agriculture and trade. In a typical year on the Canadian prairies, about 140,000 producers deliver s [...]
27 May 2004 | Journal Article |
At the end of 2010 there are more than 100 new preferential trade agreements being contemplated. At the same time there are approximately 200 existing trade agreements wh [...]
18 January 2011 | Journal Article |
While the trucking industry across North America is now fully de-regulated, truck markets and movements are diverse enough that the level of competition in truck transpor [...]
2013 | Journal Article |
Agriculture plays an important role both in reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) and dependence on imported oil from economically and politically volatile areas. Cert [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated in a radically different way than is normally the case with trade agreements. Trade negotiations usually take plac [...]
2013 | Journal Article |
There had been no discernable progress in the WTO's Doha Round for more than two years. Major trading nations have been actively seeking progress on trade liberalization [...]
12 February 2014 | Journal Article |