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Regulation of carcinogens in the United States has been based on a "no threshold" policy. This makes the assumption there exists no level of exposure for which the possib [...]
1996 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The common concept of uncertainty and risk, the definition of risk and the reason why the concept of risk is needed in the field of food safety are explained. Furthermore [...]
2012-09 | Journal Article |
In recent years there has been an increasing demand for specific characteristics in food products pertaining to origin, quality, health and environmental factors. This de [...]
2010-06 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Traceability and authenticity issues have gained increasing prominence in food markets and create both opportunities and challenges for the food industry in providing cre [...]
2012 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Identity preserving production and marketing (IPPM) systems are used extensively in the Canadian canola industry to segregate varieties with different traits from the com [...]
2001 | Journal Article |
Trade in genetically modified (GM) products remains a major issue in agricultural trade policy. In particular, the European Union has sought to deny market access to GM-p [...]
2011-07 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Social responses to innovations have varied across time. Regulations have been used in an attempt to limit the uptake of innovations (e.g. coffee), violence has been used [...]
2010 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
At the end of 2010 there are more than 100 new preferential trade agreements being contemplated. At the same time there are approximately 200 existing trade agreements wh [...]
18 January 2011 | Journal Article |
This paper describes three cases of government-led efforts in France and the United States to bring stakeholders into the regulatory process for genetically-modified food [...]
2003 | Journal Article |