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Uniform auctions are commonly used to elicit willingness to pay for new or novel products, product attributes, or non-market goods. However, most auctions or other contin [...]
2009-07 | Journal Article |
A choice-based conjoint experiment was used to examine consumer willingness to pay for a farm-raised pre-cooked roast beef product. Consumers were contacted in a grocery [...]
2004 | Journal Article |
We used a controlled, uniform 5th-price auction to elicit values for sweet potatoes—both when location is known and unknown, and before and after tasting and providing [...]
2006-11 | Journal Article |
There have been few studies that examine valuations of location of origin before and after consumers have consumed the product (or health advertising). Results of non-hyp [...]
2004 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Much attention has been paid to alternative fuel sources of late. Ethanol has been a politically popular alternative fuel additive and has recently been pushed to the fo [...]
2003 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Location of product origin is an often-used marketing device by retailers. This approach is based on the assumption that location of origin signals something to consumer [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Exchange rates have long been thought to have an important impact on the export and import of goods and services, and, thus, exchange rates are expected to influence the [...]
01 August 2009 | Journal Article |
Based on the results of a 1999 survey of Mississippi Beef Cattle Producers, producers were willing to invest $1.66 per head marketed in a beef cattle marketing cooperativ [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The objectives of this paper is to use the large depth of existing literature on portfolio theory and apply it to rice varietal selection for 6 counties in the Arkansas D [...]
2009-01 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |