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The demand studies for the fish sector are limited by their high degree of aggregation, and the lack of empirical basis for estimating the underlying elasticity of demand [...]
2005-07 | Journal Article |
The supply studies on the fisheries sector in India have been addressed at the disaggregated level by production environment and by species groups. These would be more im [...]
2006-07 | Journal Article |
This paper provides an illustration of evaluating productivity convergence using spatial econometric modelling framework for the aquaculture sector in India. Productivity [...]
2006 | Journal Article |
The study has conducted the micro level analysis of hatchery operators, fishseed-rearing farmers and carp farmers with respect to their socio-economic characteristics, in [...]
2008 | Journal Article |
Fish demand patterns in nine Asian countries were investigated using a multistage budgeting framework allowing a disaggregated approach to analysing fish consumption. Thi [...]
2008 | Journal Article |
Freshwater aquaculture is an important and promising sector of the economy of Tripura State. The biophysical potential for growth in freshwater aquaculture in the state i [...]
2009-07 | Journal Article |
The progress towards achieving household nutritional food-security in Bangladesh has remained slow. So far the food security is cereal-based (mainly rice) and food basket [...]
2007 | Journal Article |
The study prioritizes rice research problems by different ecosystems and research disciplines. Combination of economic surplus and scoring approach is used in setting ric [...]
31 December 1992 | Journal Article |
Since its economic reform, China has changed significantly as it makes its transition from a centrally-planned to a consumer-oriented economy and thus has gradually incre [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The Kolleru Lake area (KLA) in Andhra Pradesh being a predominant centre for carp culture is known as the ‘Carp Pocket of India’. This paper has described the highly [...]
2010-01 | Journal Article |