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Dramatic changes are occurring in the agricultural sector today. These changes provide opportunities for some, but threats for others. Longer-term, four fundamental for [...]
2002 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The strategic thinking process requires managers to assess their business' strengths and weaknesses, the result of which lead to an identification of core competencies. T [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Land/grant colleges were established to serve the public via a tripartite system of teaching, research, and extension. Agricultural economists have played a key role in [...]
1997-10 | Journal Article |
About 73 million people will be added to the world’s population every year between 1995 and 2020, increasing it by 32 percent to reach 7.5 billion. Much of this populat [...]
1999 | Report |
Farming is in the midst of a major transformation-not only in technology and production practices, but also in size of business, resource (land) control and operation, bu [...]
2007 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Technology has been a major driver of both the agricultural productivity increases of the past century and the financial success of many farm and agribusiness firms. The [...]
2004 | Journal Article |
The defining issues of the twenty-first century may well be the control of water resources. In the next 30 years it is likely that water shortages will increase dramatica [...]
1997 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Successful farming requires a clear understanding of the forces shaping agriculture and the direction that the farm is headed. Success also requires an effective method f [...]
1998 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The past decade has taught us that pathogenic microorganisms are adapting themselves to processing treatments and environmental conditions once thought to be effective in [...]
2000-03 | Journal Article |