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The balance of payments of the country has been characterized by a widening current account deficit and a depletion of reserves. This is mainly due to the fact that expor [...]
1992 | Journal Article |
The study presents a simple model of a peasant household, which extends the basic agricultural household model, by attempting to explicitly incorporate the operational mi [...]
1993 | Journal Article |
Written prior to the devaluation of the Birr and related adjustment measures, this paper is concerned with issues of economic reform in Ethiopia. The first section review [...]
1993 | Journal Article |
Recent development in the Ethiopian budget system indicates a trend of increasing structural deficits, which are caused by independent developments both in the revenue an [...]
1993 | Journal Article |
A reform program me known as the structural adjustment program me (SAP) was introduced in the 1980s in over 30 sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries with poor growth perfor [...]
1992 | Journal Article |
The paper tries to look into the relationship between efficiency of Ethiopian public manufacturing enterprises and the policy environment to which they have been subjecte [...]
1992 | Journal Article |
Recent improvements in agricultural tax performance (indicated by the tax revenue growth) can be traced back to tax reforms in earlier periods. But, rapid growth in gover [...]
1992 | Journal Article |
This paper notes the rapid advances that have been made in the modeling estimation and applications of systems of demand equations in the literature. It attempts to empir [...]
1993 | Journal Article |
This study surveys the models of the determinates of military expenditure and then specifies a model for the determinants of military expenditure in Africa and tests it b [...]
1993 | Journal Article |
A sheep market survey was undertaken in nine key Ethiopian Central Highlands markets in 1989 Data relating to animal(sex, age, condition, breed, weight, color) and market [...]
1993 | Journal Article |