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The main aim of this paper is to analyze the effects of the quotas imposed on the milk production in Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union. It is concluded tha [...]
2010 | Journal Article |
In this paper is given analysis of reciprocity between level of development of economy and results of transition on example of ex-SFRY countries in period from 1945 until [...]
2009 | Journal Article |
The aim of the study was to analyze from the regional and comparative standpoints some major indices of the world market and trade of vegetables, essential in the populat [...]
2007 | Journal Article |
The strategies and policies of agricultural and rural development, within the overall long-term area development, traditionally lean on natural-resource capital and certa [...]
2009-12 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper presents the analysis of occurrence of financial crises in the United States, its spread to the real sector and other countries, as a result of the interconnec [...]
2010 | Journal Article |
In the paper, the tendencies in the development of wheat and corn production in the time period from 1976 to 2010 are researched, with a focus on the cluster analysis of [...]
2013-01 | Journal Article |
This paper presents two mutually opposed aspects of the market as a regulatory mechanism in the economy. From the aspect of entrepreneurship, the free operation of "invis [...]
2011 | Journal Article |
This paper presents the regional comparative analysis of major parameters of the world market and trade of milk, dairy products, eggs and wool. The paper particularly ana [...]
2011 | Journal Article |
In this paper following problems were analyzed. First, transformation of the agrarian policy of the European Union; Second, the economic analysis of the EU`s arable set-a [...]
2006 | Journal Article |