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This article compares how eliminating the U.S. cotton subsidy program and the Chinese cotton tariff-rate quota (TRQ) would affect the world cotton market. The results sho [...]
2005 | Journal Article |
This paper compares how eliminating the Chinese cotton tariff rate quota (TRQ) and the U.S. cotton subsidy program would affect the world cotton market. The results show [...]
2005 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This document is the technical annex to the full paper "Assessing the Impacts of the Chinese TRQ System and U.S. Subsidies on the World Cotton Market" which is available [...]
2005 | Journal Article |
This paper analyzed the effects of trade liberalizing reforms in the world cotton market using a partial equilibrium model. The simulation results indicated that a remov [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This study attempts to summarize information on farm policies being used for seven major crops–corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans, sugar, and wheat–by a group of 2 [...]
2009-02 | Report |
The United States has issued a proposal to the world trading community outlining several steps to jumpstart the stalled World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on agr [...]
2005-11 | Report |
Economic Fundamentals - Real GDP growth is projected to be stable at about 2.5% per year in developed countries and be around 5% in developing nations. A more favorable e [...]
2007-03 | Report |
The Global Fibers Model developed at the Cotton Economics Research Institute at Texas Tech University was used to generate 10-year projections of cotton and textile produ [...]
05 January 2006 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The effects of Sino-US and Sino-EU safeguard agreements on US, China and world cotton and textile sectors are investigated using a partial equilibrium model. The effects [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |