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Recent reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has led to a further decoupling of farm support. The EU believes that the new Single Payment Scheme, which repl [...]
2005 | Journal Article |
Our paper focuses on the key element of the 2003 CAP reform: on the single farm payment (SFP). The basic aim was to decouple direct payment from production decisions. Bec [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper focuses on the compatibility of U.S. agri-environmental programs with the Green Box provisions of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (AoA). If a new WT [...]
2006 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Agri-environmental programs are part of the green box of the GATT Uruguay Round and are supposed to "have no, or at most minimal trade distorting effects or effects on pr [...]
2005 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This analysis utilizes farm-level data to evaluate the extent to which U.S. farm program benefits, particularly the Agricultural Market Transition Act (AMTA) and market l [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Our paper focuses on the question: how the measures of June 2003 agreement can help the EU to meet the new WTO commitments. As decoupling of direct payments and WTO class [...]
2005 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The mid-term review of the Agenda 2000 led to the decoupling of direct payments from production. Thus, agricultural production is no longer directly influenced by direct [...]
2011 | Thesis/ Dissertation |
The 2003 reform of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) replaced the coupled direct support schemes by a Single Farm Payment (SFP), which will be mainly [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
The specific purpose of this paper is to estimate the extent to which decoupled payments under the Single Payments Scheme (SPS) are being used (either explicitly or impli [...]
12 November 2008 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Critics of the U.S. proposal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) made in October 2005 are correct when they argue that adoption of the proposal would significantly redu [...]
2005 | Working or Discussion Paper |