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There is a major split between developed and developing countries over the protection of the patents in pharmaceuticals in the TRIPS. This dispute is symptomatic of the d [...]
2003 | Journal Article |
Negotiators from developed countries pushed hard for the inclusion of the TRIPS Agreement in the WTO set of agreements because it was viewed as a potentially effective me [...]
2012-10 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This paper develops a model of heterogeneous producers to examine the economic causes of IPR infringement and its consequences for the welfare of the interest groups and [...]
2001 | Working or Discussion Paper |
National policies toward intellectual property (IP) were revolutionized in the 1990s, as countries adopted new systems to conform to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO [...]
2009-04 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The world standards for patents and copyrights established by the Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) have been controversial from their incep [...]
2001 | Journal Article |
The People's Republic of China has been working for over two decades to develop a domestic biotechnology industry. Even though China is a developing country, it is set to [...]
2004 | Working or Discussion Paper |
This paper studies cross-border intellectual property rights (IPR) as a North-South contract using a Nash bargaining approach and distinguishes between the outcome and it [...]
2012-04 | Working or Discussion Paper |
The dispute "European Communities - Protection of trademarks and geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs" that opposes the European - Union to t [...]
2006 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper analyzes the main economic issues of intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection in the context of the World Trade Organization (WTO). A retrospective view [...]
2003 | Working or Discussion Paper |