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The understanding of the drivers of technological progress and their impact on food security is still limited. The paper contributes to the lacking empirical evidence on [...]
2015-08 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper investigates the determinants of directed technical change in the electricity generation sector. We use firm-level data on patents led in renewable (REN) and f [...]
2013-04 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this paper the effect of manure production rights on investment decisions of Dutch pig farmers is examined. A dynamic optimization model of investment that explicitly [...]
2001 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper discusses the implementation of embodied international technology spillovers in the GTAP model. We specify a transmission mechanism for technical knowledge t [...]
1999 | Working or Discussion Paper |
In this study, the elements of competitiveness of the EU beef sector are assessed using the value chain approach. Consequently, the impact of the external factors represe [...]
30 June 2015 | Journal Article |
Starting from a system of factor demands, an empirical model that allows estimating factor-augmenting technical change is derived. Factor-augmenting technical change is d [...]
2009 | Working or Discussion Paper |
Global simulation models are increasingly used to assess future scenarios and the impact of policies related to food security, land use and climate change. A crucial elem [...]
2013-06 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
This paper analyses the impact of adopting or rejecting genetically modified GM crops in the EU, taking into account the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) [...]
2003 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
Energy is a critical input in production and the main sources of energy in modern economies are exhaustible. Therefore sustaining aggregate consumption across generations [...]
2010 | Conference Paper/ Presentation |
There are differences in performance between farmers. In the Netherlands this has been a major topic of research for at least 30 years. Research has shown that the manage [...]
2004 | Report |